How to convince customers to open up a Kohl's charge?

Best Answer:

babyboomer1001: Just ask them if they would like to open a Kohl's card. Mention the benefits of having one – if there are benefits. If they say "no", leave it at that.

Other answer:

Don't push them. If there are benefits – rewards, discounts, etc, sell that.

As someone who is happy having only one credit card, I hate when people try to push it on me. So be friendly without being aggressive.

you can't, I am so sick of Home Depot and Kohls, and Target asking me everytime I buy something, You can ask if they want to open an account to save XXX % today, and if they say no, let it go
Try the honest approach. Tell them that they don't need to use the card, and it might be useless to them, but opening it anyway would help you.
Wynona Potter:
List the benefits of doing so upfront

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