How to get a credit card without my mom knowing?

She has access to all my accounts and I just want to get an account only I have access to. I'm 19 and currently use Wells Fargo. If I go to like Bank of America and sign up for a new card with them my mom would never find out right? I have a job and I'm an adult I just want my own private account lol

Other answer:

Go for it.

But please AVOID the banks that are in legal trouble such as Wells Fargo and The Bank of America that had to be bailed out to keep from failing by President Obama.
Your very best bet is to open a checking or savings account in the bank where you cash your own paychecks and apply for a credit card with them…..after all, you are their customer and they know you.

No. your mother doesn't have to cosign for you and thus she is not liable for your debts. She doesn't have to know.

Yeah just get an account at a different bank and she will have no way of knowing
Jimmy C:
If you are an adult you can change your accounts so only you have access to them. You can have your own card too, but the mail will go to your address, so if you live with her, she will see it. Move out.
Dan B:
Why, at 19, does your mother have access to all your accounts? If you are the primary account holder, you can legally have her access removed. If joint accounts, then open your own account and transfer or put your own money into that account.
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Apply aaand see what happens. She won't be told about it, but you might not get approved either.
Ryan M:
Time to cut the cord Skippy.
They mail you stuff. If you live with her, she might see the mail.

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