How to get traffic on a website via white hat SEO ?

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Build quality backlinks. One way to do this is by generating actually useful content that people want to share. Use social media to build your customer base and communicate with them. Also, make sure to use your relevant keywords to create google-friendly content. 1-3% density is generally best (for every 100 words, you want your keywords to appear 1-3 times). Also relevant cross-linking within your site is a good idea. has some basics about white hat vs black hat so you can get a better idea on what to do/avoid when working on SEO. Black hat, as I'm sure you know, may provide faster results but you can get penalized from google which will knock you way down (or out of) search results so it's never really a good idea to take that risk.
This is the best technique to get organic traffic, in white hat seo you need to build quality back links. Share unique, valuable and relevant content. Share this content on social networking website with proper way. Facus on Building relationship with your audience, not building only back links. Don't forget your website ON page factors because ON page factors are also very important to increase website traffic.
Study some SEO books or video courses, there are lots of shades of gray as well as white hat methods, avoiding those techniques that risk being penalized is probably white enough, don't do things like buying backlinks from advertised private blog networks, or use plug in software you don't understand that may be doing something like cloaking.

Here's a Search Engine Optimization primer by an SEO authority, teaching the more legit ways to boost your ranking.…

Include KEYWORDS in your Web page – in titles and headers. But don'tr include too much that might penalize you for KEYWORD STUFFING. The most ideal number is 3-5 in each page. Analyze your data through LINK ANALYSIS to help you know the quality of your pages. White SEO also uses LINK EXCHANGES where you exchange links with other sites that are related to your niche.
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