How to go from nothing to running a successful business?

I work in a pub everyday and have about 3,000 saved up after paying bills over the years for my car and rent etc, I am working here 7 years and I hate it, I want to run my own business and employ people, but how do I start off. I want to know how to achieve this goal or dream.

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what kind of business, if you work in a pub you have skills at bar tending, do you have others and what do you have to offer
$3K is not a lot of money to invest in a business, you certainly could not start your own pub with that amount of money
You need to have some idea of what kind of business you want to start. Most people start businesses based on their interests, talents, skills, education, training, or experience. Since you work in a pub, what have you learned that you might base a business on?

What kinds of products or services do pubs buy and use? What problems do they have that a new business might be able to help them with? Do they need a web site? What have your learned about the businesses of supplier representatives that come into your pub? What have you learned from customers?

How about starting a "non-profit" pub, the kind that are becoming popular — such as the Oregon Public House (

First, don't touch your savings. Next, do you have an idea for a business, a viable idea and/or a marketable skill? Then, state in a paragraph or two why it's a good idea, how you will make money with it, where you want to go with it. This is your initial business plan. There's more, but this is how the startup starts.
Ajay D:
why will people buy from you and why will employees want to work for you?
Start with a simple business plan and financial projections to understand whether the business is viable.
You don't have enough money. It also sounds like you don't have any experience, a plan, or even an idea. Keep thinking until you come up with those.
You need a skill, knowledge, talent, or something that will get people to pay you for your services. You have too little money to buy a business that requires inventory and a location – like a shop. You need to think about self-employment forms of making money. Catering, wedding photographer, DJ, gardener, magician, comedian, etc – otherwise you are just better off finding a new job that you like.

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