How to i revive an almost dead small noodle place?

money is out of question, so no large scale expenditure will probably be bestalso staff resign regularlywill self service work?

Best Answer:

tai_chower: First question is, was it EVER thriving? If not, then just close it down. If it is just in decline then you need to reverse the trend. In the food business that means a different menu, maybe a different decor, and advertising. People never, never ever buy what you want them to buy (or eat). They buy/eat what THEY want, and it's your job to provide them with that. Finding what that is is the trick of successful business.

Other answer:

You have to look at WHY nobody's interested in buying there anymore. Maybe noodles are not the item that sells anymore, maybe the competition is too great in the area, maybe the food just isn't good and the sales staff sucks.

Do you have the skills to run a business, order from suppliers (FIND suppliers?), do advertising, improve the choices menu, deal with the permits, the utility costs, etc?

If staff are resigning, there's a management problem, which may also include product & service mix. Have you experience and education in business operations? There's no clear cut way to diagnose the real problem, because in addition to what's been mentioned, there could be a problem with demographics, cost control, marketing, and how good the actual product is.
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almost dead, sounds like the death knell is faintly becoming louder
close up while you still can and not lose everything
Know when to close shop.

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