How to increase the traffic of a website?

i have a blog, and want to increase its traffic. any one has advices?

Other answer:

Start Practics SEO like Foroum Posting, Social Bookmarking , Blog Commenting and you can get more traffic on yur website.
You can use Google Keyword Tool to collect all the relevant search phrases according to your niche. Then divide them into the groups and try to write the articles using them. First start from the long-tail keywords that are less competitive. That will be your first steps in SEO.
Sai Praveen:
If you don't know about SEO then better to start with Social Media Promotion. Participate in discussions that was closely relevant to your niche.

In my personal experience, Quora and Reddit works great. Hope that works well for you too. All the best.

Just Create more backlinks to your Blog. increase its visibility. You will start getting more traffic.
You should Optimize your Blog :

On page Optimisation and Off page Optimisation

On page Optimisation : Keywords, Tags, Title ,Attractive Template ….
Off page Optimisation : Backlinks, Social Media Signals …

Marketing System Guru:
Expert's help is needed to build natural traffic, SuperOrganicSEO is the key.
Write effective blogs and update your website regularly, get quality backlinks to your site.
In addition to all the suggestions above I would add quality content.
carolina pride:
Good content that includes keywords for which you wish to rank high. Quality backlinks… some forums have {hint}.
✔ Ensure your site is hosted at stable, reliable, LargestWebHosting.
✔ Redesign your site if needed with clear titles.
✔ Advertise in popular places.

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