How to make £3000 in a year?

I m 15 years of age and I want to go to university but i need to earn £3000 per year to be able to pay the tuition fees. Does anyone have any ideas how I can earn this?

I ve already looked at jobs but because of my age I can t earn enough until I m around 18

Best Answer:

mae: There are companies who will employ 15 yr olds often local to you although they will not pay very much bearing in mind there is no minimum wage for 15 yr olds, but I have two 15yr old who work for me they get £25 a day ( certainly more than 16yr old minimum wage) but they are great and are just happy to volunteer, I just value them and what they do.
So look who is local to you, small businesses are often best, you may get offered just a couple of hours on busy times or like my two who asked me about volunteering experience/work experience which resulted in paid work
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You take out a student loan as everyone in the UK does.
Move to Scotland, you'll probably have your fees paid for.

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