How to make an SEO plan for ecommerce site related to mobile?

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Prabir: First make a Facebook account and create a fan page on your own Facebook account then shorten the URL. With this URL do SEO and SMM.

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Get some SEO guides to learn the standard procedures

Identifying a list of target keywords related to mobile may be a good first step, the google keyword research tool may be as good as any, it now requires you to have an Adwards advertising account to access their tool, getting that Adwoards account may just involve you making a $5 account deposit, the keyword tool is more about sponsored search ads but the keywords act very much the same as organic search.

Here's a Search Engine Optimization guide by an SEO authority.…

An effective SEO package can be comprised of many different factors, dependent upon your particular goals and marketing vision. From optimizing website content to Local SEO, to advanced SEO strategies involving Digital Asset Optimization, as well as Keyword Research, optimizing title tags and utilizing inbound linking, the SEO experts at Active Web Group can develop a powerful SEO promotion that works for you!
Can you please elaborate your question?
Can you share what is your site concern?
What your site's purpose?
you can optimize your site.

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