How To Move To Iceland?

I don't have that much money, I am a 20 year old female that wants to move there on my own with my small chihuahua (from California). How can I make it on my own? How much money do I need for first months rent for 1 bedroom apt, plane tickets, learning the language, getting a job, and so on?

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Brittney: Iceland is probably the most expensive place in Europe to live.

You don't just "move" to a foreign country in most cases and Iceland is no exception. You need a visa to enter Iceland for anything longer than 90 days as a tourist. Anything longer requires a residence permit. To secure a permanent residence permit you must live in Iceland for a minimum of 4 years under a Qualified Professional work permit in most cases if you are not closely related to an Icelander. If you are not a healthcare professional or highly skilled technician it's unlikely that you will be issued such a work permit.

There are other categories of residence permits. The link below will explain them.

As far as bringing a pet there are strict requirements as Iceland is rabies-free. There is a 4 week quarantine and numerous other requirements. See this link for more information…

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Getting to Iceland is relatively cheap (see Wow Air or Iceland Air). However, living there can be expensive.…

Check out Facebook group on this page.

The language is very tough. I bought a book for when I went on vacation and I gave up learning the language. Luckily, most locals speak very good English. I swore that a couple of the people that I met spoke it better than most Americans.

There are probably more hoops to jump through for your dog.…

Good luck.

I have been to Iceland a couple of times. See you at Lebowski Bar!!!

Trivial One:
You need a visa, a residency permit and a work permit. Unless you are a professional (doctor, lawyer, etc.) or an athlete, you'll need a "shortage of labor" qualification. That is, you have to have a skill that is not available in the Icelandic workforce. Here's a link to the process for people who are not citizens of the European Union:…
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Politically Correct:
If you do not have the right to live and work in Iceland and you do not speak the language, how on earth were you planning to get a job?
First off you require a visa and to get that you need a high level degree and work experience…which you do not have… 10yrs time when you have achieved that, you then need to look for a job with an employer who is able to sponsor a work visa….so stop dreaming and start applying to get into University
you would do well to get information from that country first and I was unaware it was any part of Europe, I though it was north of Greenland which is the upper east coast of America
be that as it may, you need to find out what there policies are for immigrants, there are countries you are not welcome if you don't already had a job lined up, they have no social programs to take care of someone who runs out of money
if you need to learn the language it would be wise to learn that first, but I believe they speak English in that country
real estate guy:…

answers to your questions about living in iceland.

You need a visa BEFORE you move. Have you even looked at work visa requirements?
U seriously uninformed uneducated clueless about Reality of moving Anywhere.
Try vacation there First

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