How to optimize web site content for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION?

I wanna know what is certainly Seo and how to make use of. seo stands for hunt for "Search Engine Optimization". Please tell me together with guide me. I am nooob in it. Never know noting regarding this, but wanna put it to use. So please tell me tiny bt abt the idea and GIVE ME DIRECT HOW TO USE IT!

Other answer:

Search engine optimization (SEO) employs a variety of strategies to improve a site's ranking in search engines, which brings more visitors. There is not much a blog can do on site, there are plugins for WordPress like the all-in-one-seo plugin that ads some header data that search engines examine. Somewhat related to seo is search keyword optimization one should have a list of search phrases, for which the site should rank, that will be written into content, headers, etc. There is a trend for search engines to use social signals, but links from other sites (Off site seo) often counter to search engine guidelines, remain one of the most inportant seo factors.
Ravi Kumar:
For optimizing your sites content you need to check whether your sites content is not lacking related keywords cause the category which your site belongs it needs to have those related keywords..
if your content lacks in keywords you need to change it and while writing new content you need to make sure that new content contains all related keywords in it, you need maintain a keyword density in content the visibility of keywords in the content should not be more than 3% to 4% if it increases it search engines may believe it as keyword spamming..
and you also need to maintain a text/html ratio it should not be lower than 15%
so whenever you are willing to write new content always remember these points and if you are willing to find new keywords you can look out for them in Google keyword planner..
head over to their website, right click, check view source and search for the meta tags(keywords) they are using.
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