How to prove income to receive Medicaid from state?

Trying to apply for Medicaid but they demand a proof of income, and I am confused how to do so since I made absolutely nothing in 2016 and thus not required to file a state tax return.
I lived off my savings alone in my own house.

Other answer:

Medicaid is based on HOUSEHOLD income. So even though you made (zero) in 2016, you had to sleep somewhere, ate food, and most likely used utilities for electricity etc.

So, if for instance you lived at home with your parents, then would need to show proof of your (parents) income to qualify or not.

Even though you maybe the only one applying, to qualify you must prove that where you live that the household income does not exceed a certain amount to qualify.

They need proof of the total income of the household as a whole, not of your specifically. That means that if you live with anyone who has income, then you must provide proof of the amount of that person's income. (This would also be true if you had income; the income of every person in the household with income must be shown, not just the person who will be getting medicaid.)

Also, even if you are not "required" to file a tax return, you can file one voluntarily. Everyone alive is allowed to file a tax return. It's usually a waste of time to do it without income, but if you need one for medicaid purposes, then file it.

What are your living arrangements? If you live alone you obviously have income you aren't telling them about. Who is supporting you? If you live in a household with others you are related to then household income counts – and you need proof of any income received by anyone in the household.

You aren't providing enough information.

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What did you live on or who paid your living expenses? You are going to have to prove how you lived. If it was on savings, provide copies of your bank statements. If someone else in your household supported you, you have to provide their income.
Try actually asking local educated adults for actual info in ur state as it varies greatly

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