How to start a business?

hello everybody, first of all im a student. im interested to start a candies business. where should i start and how do i make things work?

*ps : sorry for my english

Other answer:

Anything edible will be more trouble- you can't just make them anywhere and sell them legally.
Any food you make to sell means your kitchen must be periodically inspected bythe local board of health, and certified safe, or the candies won't be legal to sell.

First, check with your local Board of Health, and findout what your state law would be.
You will also need professional insurance, in case anyone has a bad reaction, and open up an LLC.
You can form an LLC online by yourself- don't let anyone else charge you. Look for your state's Attorney General website, it will be on there.

You will pay up front around $500 to start an LLC – which means you wouldn't be sued personally, it would be your corporation. Probably another $500 to insure the business. Don't do anything without both of those things, but first, find out if it's legal. If it isn't, no insurance would cover you.

First, learn to make the candies. Practice and invite your friends over for tastings. Once you have the recipes where you can make them over and over and they come out the same, then that is when you need a business plan so you can rent space, ( in the USA you have to have a commercial kitchen that is visited by health inspectors regularly- they will not let you sell commercially what you make in your kitchen) and get equipment to open for business.

Look on Fiverr for a business plan for a candy store, a restaurant or any kind of food establishment because they are essentially the same. Read that plan carefully.

Step 1 = Research…………….
Look up what laws are in force with regards to setting up in business for your part of the world. There will usually be something about it on the website for the government agency that collects tax money, and any government agency that deals with small business + any independent trade organisations for small business, and banks that offer services to small business.

Obtain books about starting a business, as it will go into much further detail than it is possible to here on Yahoo answers. Remember most of them are aimed at the United States + United Kingdom, so assuming you live outside of those 2 countries you need to check where the legal stuff is different where you are.
I specifically recommend "Starting & Running a Business All-in-One for Dummies" + assorted books about selling things on Ebay + Etsy.

Research how to make the products, laws specific to making the product in your part of the world, and the best places to get the product (or things for making the product) so they don't end up costing you more money to obtain than you can sell them for.

Research the best places to sell the product, such as local markets + car boot sales.…

Research demand for the product.

Step 2 = Write a business plan + also work out how much it's all going to cost to get going.

Step 3 = Gather together the things you need for the business, starting with an accounts books for record keeping purposes + a small business bank account to keep business money seperate from personal money, keeping things easier when dealing with the taxman.

Step 4) Put Funding in place

Step 5) Start trading

Step 6) Promote the business, and use social media to build demand for the product in the area you're trading – such as by posting pics of the products on Twitter + Facebook + Instagram and announcing a particular place you'll be trading from on a particular day.
There are books explaining how to do that better as well.

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This is incredible you enjoy doing. It's your small run away from the outside earth. Painting, playing video games, knit, Writing poetry, Baking muffins. You really want to do what excite because this is what normal media will tell you that successful people do. The dust problem is what if no one in point of fact needs or cares about your services? A lot of people jump into the unknown and then they are broke two months afterward and blame that some people are just fortunate. Try your idea out first: Create a YouTube channel, join all Facebook groups, search keywords on google and see out of the ideas that you are fervent about which are viable business opportunities. Then cut the take it easy of you modest "passions". Here you will reach a varied group of people by chance, but who won't be open to pay you for your work. Find out incredible people in point of fact want, not something you are stubborn to do. Next time.
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if you plan to sell edibles to the pubic you will need a permit from the health dept,and they will not give you an ok for using your home stove and kitchen to prepare foods for the public
being a student you probably are in no position to rent a space and get it fitted for the equipment you need that will be approved
find the book called how to create fund and start your own business and read it.
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