How to turn an internship into a permanent job?

I graduated last year and I am going to undertake a 3 month graduate internship at a global company starting January. What do I need to do in order to turn it permanent?

Other answer:

you don't they do
if they determine that they want this to be a permanent job they will offer it
it is probably their policy to offer internships to get people trained, if they find one exceptionally good for the job they might offer one but other than being extraordinary you can't do anything about changing the job
Perform your job to the best of your ability for a year or more and hope they
decide to make it permanent.
Ensure that you work well, and treat everyone kindly. If you don't get a permanent job don't be discouraged.
Work hard, try to get on with everyone and to make yourself indispensable. A lot of it will be luck and being at the right place at the right time, so hope for the best and good luck to you!
Do your best work and close to the end of your 3 months, ask your supervisor if there are any openings because you really enjoyed working there.
Pascal the Gambler:
Work your *** off.

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