How to write a check for $1,025?

I never dealt with checks before and I'm trying to pay for my rent.
How do you write this amount on a check? There are different methods but which one is the most common?

Best Answer:

andrew: Write the words, "One thousand twenty five and xx/100" assuming the word "dollars" is pre-printed on the check at the end of the line. It's a good idea to print these words, as opposed to writing them in cursive. Apparently, cursive script is easier to alter.

Other answer:

$1025.00 is what I'd write in the numerals area.

"One thousand twenty five and [the double zero over 100 fraction]"

Don't forge to sign and date.

If you live in a complex and you have an actual account number with the complex, write that in the 'Memo' area.

Dan B:
One thousand twenty-five dollars and no/100 cents.

If the two amounts are different, the long hand written amount is the default amount.

One Thousand Twenty Five & 00/100———————-
Rosa Camilla:

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