How to Write Great Content for Better Online Promotion ?

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sunil: Content act as a King for the website. You content must be related to your website/business and don't repeat words again and again. Previously, Clear your all ideas and then start writing. If you have a unique, attractive content then it will surely get better results.
Some points are:
1. Use short headings
2. Avoid extra-long sentences – Overcomplicated sentences might confuse or mislead your readers or simply be boring.
3. Break your content into paragraphs – built up your content logically and make sure it’s broken into paragraphs.
4. Optimize the length of your pages – don’t try to stuff all the content into one subpage, don’t make your visitors to scroll for hours to get to the good part.

Hope it will help you!

Other answer:

When it comes to writing content, most people feel uncomfortable. But just keep writing makes you a better writer and latter on you can create great content. If you really want to train your brain to write excellent content then spend some time on reading some of the books on writing. Reading books is very important, because that is how to train your brain to produce great ideas. Good ideas always create great content.
Write natural wording content with simple thinking..don't make very make it as much informative as you can.Google like that type of content ..most importantly content should be unique.
Karl Skotte:
Having a nice, informative blog is one of the best things that you can do to mark your online presence. In here, you can communicate with your target audience to give them the information they need.

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