Hypothetically, if I buy drugs from a dealer, could I write that off as medical expenses on my taxes?

do hospital bills count as medical expenses?
how about dental bills? Prescriptions or copays? Is health insurance deductible?

Best Answer:

?: Does your drug dealer provide receipts?? You need receipts for tax write-offs.

Other answer:

Illegal drugs? No.
Legal drugs obtained illegally? No.
Prescription drugs you do not have a receipt for and that were not prescribed for you? No.

Yes, hospital bills count as medical expenses.

drugs fro a dealer, no. Hospital bills tt you PAID out of pocket count, but only the amount thaaat' over 10% of your income, and only if you itemize which most people don't
to claim drugs it has to be from a prescription and unfortunately there are unscrupulous doctors who will give you one for drugs that are not available without
hospital expenses are deductible, if you keep track of the miles you spend for doctor visits, etc this can be claimed, if you have to buy braces or other things the doctor prescribed, they are also deductible
Cathi K:
You cannot deduct illegal activity. If you itemize you may be able to write off medical expenses if you have thousands and thousands.
Max Hoopla:
Illegal drugs don't count. Hospital bills do.
Pascal the Gambler:
No. Hospital bills yes.
no; hospital bills YOU PAY, yes – and it might go on the schedule A – and then you might get a tax break (of a few dollars – literally) … but I doubt you will meet the thresholds.
Ryan M:
First and foremost…….do you even qualify to itemize on Schedule A?? If not, your question is pointless.
The Oracle of Omigod:
Illegal transactions are not legitimate business expenses.

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