I accidently gave a customer an extra pound back?

I am training on my first job, i work in a jewellery business and gave a customer an extra pound, will they notice or what will i do? I was logged in under someone else s name on the till also

Best Answer:

Maria: Your co worker will be short. Getting someone else in trouble is not a good way to start out. Offer to pay the money back.

Other answer:

It was an honest mistake and nothing that anyone is going to be upset about, unless you try to hide it. Bring it up immediately so someone in management is aware of it. For something that small, it is not likely that they are going to ask you to make it good out of your own pocket, but they will want you to be more careful in the future.

Just don't hide it and hope no one notices. That is the worst you can do. You won't be fired or yelled at.

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Casey Y:
Tell your boss, these kinds of things happen all of the time, especially during training.
the person whose name you used will be short when the day's take is calculated, it is your mistake offer to pay that person the shortage since you know it was your fault
Confess, make-up the difference, do better, and don't worry about it.
Spiny Norman:
Be honest and off to pay the £1 back. Your honesty will be appreciated.
We all make mistakes.
Own up, or they might think you have taken it.

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