I am 16. I currently own an online business and earn a few thousand monthly. I'm want to do Online school, but how will my parents feel?

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Congratulations on your online business. That's really terrific.

However, the question of online school is very different from an online business. Remember: "Online" is just a delivery system. You've shown that you can be very successful at running a business that happens to be online. Now you want to attend school that happens to be online.

Two very different things.

How will they feel? Impossible to say. Recognize that you'll be giving up a lot by doing online school. Interaction with other kids. Extracurricular activities. Ability to talk face-to-face with teachers. Some of the skills (presentation skills, for instance) that you'd develop in a bricks-and-mortar school.

Do you have a compelling reason for wanting to do school online? And does that compelling reason outweigh the drawbacks. That's what you should be considering, and what your parents will consider as well.

Elijah M:
How your parents feel or react to the suggestion is something that I cannot help you with..

But I can tell you that the more prepared you are in knowing the answers to their possible questions that they might have can greatly help you.
And that telling them that you understand that if they feel that it is not the right fit for you that you will go back to normal school.

I have done online school.
I can tell you:
– that there is a lot of self motivation that goes on, because you don't go to a class and see the teacher in person it can be easier to put off work..
– there is a lot of flexibility in the work, you can do multiple days at once if you feel like it so that you have free time later on; but there are still deadlines.
– there are "virtual field trips"
– there are tests. a lot of tests.
– there are "class meetings" where you will go to a video forum type thing and it will basically be like if you were in normal classes and were looking that the board that the teacher is writing on. You will be able to see what the teacher is typing and will hear them talking, on the side of the video screen there is a chat box for the students to talk and ask questions. (you often need a microphone because they will ask you to talk)
– if you miss a live chat/class meeting, they will often require that you watch the video later (it records and saves the live feed) and that you will answer questions or write a short paper on what the video covered
– if you are taking a language class you WILL need a microphone. there are written and spoken tests.

Good luck!

You need to ask them how they feel. no one on Yahoo, unless your parents are on yahoo, can tell you how your parents will feel.
If you are successful in what you do and are very resilient in it go for it.

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