I am a junior right now in high school I want to be a maternity nurse and I also want to work with old people going to their house to help.?

My question is would I have to become a registered nurse to be able to do both ? I just need answers.

Other answer:

To work as Nurse in maternity, You've got to be an RN, usually with a bachelor's degree ( GRN) You could visit older folks as a CNA, but the pay is low. Visiting Nurses are RNs and they're paid better, but it's kind of a grind, with lots of paperwork.
First step would be to look into Nursing programs that lead to a GRN. Best bet is state run schools, where the tuition is reasonable.
Simpson G.:
A Labor & Delivery nurse will need a BSN and an RN license.

To help seniors in their homes, you can volunteer with an organization like Meals on Wheels or DAR. You don't need any special license to do dishes, help with grocery shopping, or to help prepare food.

RNs can do home health care if that's the aspect you are looking to assist seniors.

for maternity nurse you'd need to be an RN. not to be a home care worker
You could become a CNA, but becoming an RN would bring in more money and open more options for you. Also becoming a Physicians Assistant is another option, but you have to work with a physician instead of going out on your own.
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