I am about to start my position as a car salesmen. Have any tips for me? Thanks so much?

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Congratulations dear! Becoming a salesman may sound difficult, but don't make it complex. A friend have been enjoying his job selling gadgets. His secrets? He may be good at with his words, but he sure knows how to build relationships with his customers. Other than that, he's true to his words. After all, that's what customers would look for, right? Communication is the key to engage with your customers and close the deal. Lastly, NEVER leave your home without your business card. Consider it part of your system. Business cards can identify your position and your company. Other than that, it can start a conversation as well. Anyway, I came across with this card maker, it's businesscardking.net. I believe this is also where my friend made his business cards. It's easy, convenient, and most of all, suits your budget. Wish I could let you see his business card. It's enticing you know. Good luck on your new journey ahead!
Consumer Rights:
Watch Jordan Belfort's 'Straight Line Persuasion System' to close every sale.
The best advertising is Word of Mouth. And if You Lie or try taking advantage of a Customer it will get around like gas on a fire. Your word is Your reputation and Your bond Never break it or abuse it.
Written, signed documents are GOLD. All else is BS.
Watch your back.

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