I am an American living in Japan. Is it possible to open a U.S. Forex account or do have to use a broker here in Japan?

Other answer:

You would be a fool to use a US FOREX broker unless they were either a commercial bank or a registered commodities broker. I have extensive knowledge of the markets, having been employed in the industry, as a researcher and as a professor. I would never consider using a US FOREX broker. Unless the legal structure surrounding Japanese FOREX is as bad as the American, I would always favor opening a FOREX account in any OECD country other than the US.
You might check with Interactive Brokers. I have never used them, but I believe they are worldwide, or at least they have access to worldwide markets.


See trade zero @ https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=FZBAVANDw14
Hmm! Try and see!

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