I am applying for an animal control position and they application says what s you objective. Please tell me what to write.?

Other answer:

Your objective is dependent on short and long term career goals. Why do you want the job? Is it a stepping stone toward a career in animal law enforcement, or caring for hurt or neglected animals? Do you have a passion for neglected and displaced animals? In short, why do you want to work here, in this specific position? What are your career aspirations, long and short term?

Think about this, write an essay (separate piece of paper), then break it down to under 25 words, to fit on the line or two that's provided. This is almost a lesson in career branding, and the answer may be a deciding factor between hiring you and someone else for the position. Is this just a job, or a career path decision?

I would want the job to get homeless strays off the streets and into a shelter where they can be cared for and possibly adopted. If you don't care about the welfare of animals then this isn't the job for you.

But I wouldn't want the job – it would break my heart to see that so many animals are abused, neglected and tortured.

The Oracle of Omigod:
I would go with "steady employment in a stable work environment."
If you have to ask what your objective is for the job, the job is not for you

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