I am being evicted by bailiffs, do I (the tenant) pay the bailiff fees or the landlord?

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Your landlord would normally pay for the services of the bailiffs. These individuals are mot normally called bailiffs. These individuals are normally marshals or sheriffs that would physically evict you from your rental unit.

Once you are convicted physically from your rental unit and you are no longer in the rental unit, your landlord would normally sue you in court for any back rent, late penalties and any legal cost incurred with evicting you.

Had you lived up to your lease agreement your landlord would not be at a financial loss. Your landlord is entitled to be repaid any loss.

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Now the landlord has employed bailiffs you pay them which includes what you owe the landlord plus court and bailiff fees on top
at 1st the landlord does- but then the landlord sues you for the cost

(dont pay and your future is f//ked)

(And they aint "bailiffs" – they are "high court enforcement officers" or "sheriffs" and have far more powers than county court bailiffs
As far as you are concerned the main one is- you are committing an offence if you interfere with or obstruct them and can be arrested.
second one is – they can force entry if required to enforce an eviction (its not likely they will do this- more likely they will call the police and have them remove you by force if necessary. but if required they will force open the doors and the cost of repair will add to you YOUR bill))

if the court ordered the eviction by the local authorities, that service was probably part of the court system.
They might charge the owner the fee depending on the local authorities, but the tenant is not charged the fee
The landlord has to actually pay the bailiffs but the landlord can add this to the money you owe and sue you for it.
R P:
Your landlord pays the fees associated with your eviction, but he will include all those fees when he sues you & obtains a monetary judgement against you.
The landlord pays any fees. He is the person evicting you.
The landlord pays and then you are sued for those charges later.

Besides, if you had money, you would pay the rent. Old saying, you can't get blood from a turnip.

Not sure where you are, though, it could differ.

Typically, the tenant can be held responsible for any eviction fees. It does depend on the lease terms and/or court judgement.
you pay the baliffs fees

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