I am currently in grade 12 and I cannot chooses between two things; medical lab tech or Dental hygienist. I m not sure which one is better..?

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ccpuppy12: If you like working odd hours, overnights or weekends go for the lab tech. Hospitals need people doing that stuff 24/7. Dental hours have you working there bright and early in the AM and inside all day.

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are you good with people, or do you tend to be precise? I think you might make more money as a dental hygienist, yet lab technicians directly benefit people more.
that might depend on your skills, as a lab tech you will need considerably more scientific education than a hygienist who probably will need more skills in dealing with people
you will be trained for your job as a hygienist and will follow those procedures not necessarily requiring additional scientific knowlege
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You don't need to decide now odds are you'll change your mind but hey what would you rather do sit in a lab or stare into people's mouths.
♥ ♦ choco ♦ ♥:
dental hygienist if you want to interact with more people
Casey Y:
Both are fine. Just finish first year of bio at college and go from there.
lab tech is more fun and will be different each day

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