I am going to be getting a emotional support animal. Will I be charged a pet deposit or extra rent for this animal if the landlord says I do?

Is there any fees for any facility or personal landlord if I have an ESA?

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chris powell: In the US, the law is usually FHA. ADA applies to housing subsidized by state or local funds.
Under FHA, a covered landlord (some are exempt) must allow all types of assistance animals and CANNOT charge a deposit or extra rent.

The animal must be allowed in a friends apartment is that landlord is also a covered landlord under FHA. I have actually researched this. Friend would likely need to notify the landlord of the disability accommodation. The animal is allowed in all common areas open to tenants/visitors.

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chris powell:
Most landlords charge an extra security deposit for an animal. Even a support animal might do some damage. If the animal does no damage you should receive all of the deposit back when you leave.
yes the deposit and extra on the rent is because even a support animal requires more
the landlord can't deny you to rent simply on the basis of the support animal when he has a no pet policy
The landlord has to make any reasonable accommodations for the support animal. They cannot charge extra rent, but they will make you pay for any damage done by the animal. If they already charge pet owners an additional refundable deposit against such damages and cleaning, they will charge you the same.

You also can't bring your ESA into restaurants or a friend's apartment that have a "no pets" policy. It is not a fully trained service animal.

First, keep in mind that most landlords will not rent to a tenant who wishes to
have a support animal. He has numerous applicants and will choose someone
else. The law permits him to choose. Yes, you would be required to pay a pet
deposit and likely a monthly fee as well.
the landlord does NOT have to accept an ESA, it is not the same as a service animal, and if they allow pets they can charge you a pet deposit and extra rent
Research the laws, if your doctor proscribes a ESA and the landlord is required to take them they can still charge you for any damages. I don't think they can charge extra rent or extra deposit. Talk to your landlord and present a copy of any laws to them if you disagree to what they are required to do for your disability accommodation.
You still have to pay a pet deposit because it is an animal and defacates and deposits urine. If your state requires landlords to accept ESAs it is up to landlord whether to raise the rent.
If you are in a pet friendly building and the landlord approves your animal, then, yes, they always charge a pet deposit and a monthly pet fee.

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