I am planning to start a small grocery store. But some of my friends are keeping me confused about this particular thing, please help me.?

When I buys products from an agent, can the supplies be returned if its not sold? If i can, does it have to be included in the contract or is it just common law?

Other answer:

As a grocery store, no..
The only reason that you would be able to return it is if something was wrong with it upon arrival like being moldy.

I know that working at chain stores(like target, safeway, etc.) that when there is over stock from things like holidays, we put the excess items on clearance, then clearance again, we give it time to sell until the last minute when the distributors give us new stuff to put in its place, when it comes time to put out new product we pack up the old that didn't sell and send it to our **distributors**. Then our distributors usually decide where to send it(could be stored for a short while, could be sent to a discount store, or donated).

Our distributors' the place that is the stores GIANT WAREHOUSE. The people at the giant warehouse are the ones that order several pallets of the same thing so that it is at a decent price. then the distributors are there to send out trucks to their stores with what is needed.

Running a small grocery store will be hard, and very expensive.. (Since you have to do all the storage on your own, you won't have a lot of storage so you won't be able to buy a lot at once to mark the cost down, and have to make constant small orders.)
The only way that it could be successful was being in the middle of nowhere in a small town, where the peoples only option was to go to your store, or to be like a 7-11 or convenience store.

Good luck!

Steve D:
Regarding law, check with your local authorities – every place is different. However, in the US, when you buy food items, you cannot return them (they need to be thrown out if not sold). Items like magazines, etc. usually have some form of return policy.
Ziff Spiffington:
you need to discuss that with each vendor you buy from – probably not in most cases and written contract overrules everything
No it can not be returned
John D:
You buy it, you own it.

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