I am rent a house from good friend- there wasn't lease agreement- Who's covering the fee?

There seems to be bug infestation in the house (bed bugs, fleas, possibly mosquittos,,etc.) and I am renting a house from good friend of mine which we didn't sign the lease. My guess is if I make a complaint to owner, he should come out and pay for those infestation What do you think?

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That depends upon state law. Some states stipulate that the the occupant of a single family residence is responsible for pest control and extermination unless a written lease stipulates otherwise. Others leave it to the landlord on move in and the tenant after while others are entirely silent on the matter.

Unless your state mandates that the landlord cover the cost, you should politely ask him to cover at least part of the cost.

With or without a lease, in most states infestation is the responsibility of the landlord, but not on bed bugs. Bed bugs arrive on people and since landlords don't reside in their rentals, the tenant or guests of the tenant are responsible and the tenant must pay for their removal.
Andy L:
If you are renting from a good friend, but the good friend is not the owner, the good friend is still responsible for the property as the lease holder, and the owner can throw you out of the house because you are not the legal tenant.

Your choice of what to do about the bugs.

Depends what the insects are

Generally fleas and bed bugs are the responsibility of the tenant, not the landlord

R P:
Who is responsible for pest control depends on your state's laws.

It sounds as though you are subletting. If I am correct, your friend is your landlord, so that is the petson to whom you send all requests for maintenance.

if you don't have a lease that stipulates the responsibilities of each side, in the absence of anything clear it will be up to each one, if he refuses to fumigate then you have to if it bothers you enough
if it was like that when you moved in..landlord…but if you have been living there a while and just noticed…you get to pay for it
It is not his fault there are bugs, you live there so you should pay.

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