I am retired do I need to file a income tax return I wish to know the details & whether I should file or not.?

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in india if ur income is more than 5 lacs than it is mandatory to file return in the income tax department, then whoever may be the person retired or not is not a matter.
you should file ur return as per my suggestion beoz u are going to get benefits only from this and no any loss.
anoop m:
All citizens earning income in India have to mandatorly file their return of income every year. There is no exemption to retired persons.
N J Reddy యన్.జే.రెడ్డి:
If your income is below taxable, then you need not file. But it is better to file your returns even if your income is below taxable.
Yes, you need to file.
depends on what income you have, If your only income is social security, no.

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