I am still working and receiving social security.Do I have to pay taxes on the SS payments.?

Other answer:

Maybe. It depends on how much you made by working.
Depends on how much income you, and your spouse if you're married, have in addition to your ss. You show the ss you got on your return.
possibly, it depends on how much your other income is
to find out you take half of your SS and add to the other income(all of it) if this exceeds $12K if you are single some of your SS is taxable
You have to pay taxes on it which can range form 0% to 85% of your SS depending on the amount of your other income.
Pascal the Gambler:
Possibly on some of it, yes.
yes it is taxable income
You may depending on your income. It's a sliding scale. Up to 85% of your benefits may be taxable.
You always get SS tax deducted from a paycheck even if you currently receive retirement benefits. If you are single and dont have over $25,000 in income including SS, you dont pay tax on the SS when you file your return.