I brought a coffee maker 2 weeks ago I brought it from a Craigslist seller Walmart sells the same one can I return it for a new one?

Please all honest answers thank you

Other answer:

Most Craigslist sellers are not interested in any "returns" and you bought it "as is and without warranties", second hand. You can ask them if they would accept it as a return and give you their new one instead, but it would be foolish to think they would want to do that.

If you wanted a new one, why didn't you just go buy the one at Walmart?

Now you can certainly turn around and try to sell yours on Craigslist for more than you paid for it.

Do you have a receipt? (No, you bought it off Craigslist)
Do you know it was purchased at Walmart? (No, again, you bought it off Craigslist)
You would need the original packaging for them to scan the barcode so they could confirm it came from their store (the same product at different stores are packaged with different barcodes for scanning to prevent what you're suggesting).
At best, what you're doing is morally wrong. At worst, the store may consider it fraud so you COULD get in trouble.
WHY are you trying to return it? If it doesn't work, you should have tested it when you bought it. That's the risk with used product purchases.
Wal-Mart rips people and their employees of everyday, you bunch of complacent P*ssies. 99% of the crap they sale, will end up in a landfill, fouling up the environment and your drinking water, which will eventually kill you!

SCREW Wal-Mart, buy another one, stuff the old one in the new box and take it back. Wal-Marts going to put in the dumpster. it's the part of the cost of doing business, especially when you sale crap like Wal-Mart, which has built in obsolescence into every product they sale, especially those with BS warranties.
The Police will not even bother to show up, and Wal-Mart can't do anything, other than to ignore your claim.
I don't even bother giving them my name, if I do, its a fake one. lol

Steve D:
Legally no since you did not purchase it from Wal-Mart. Best case is that you return it without a receipt and Wal-Mart lets you get away with an exchange.
Not if it was purchased from Craigslist
No,you can nor.
Would this be illegal?

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