I can not afford regular health insurance when you file taxes would Supplemental insurance be the same as Regular insurance?

Like if i have Supplemental insurance and it ask if i have health insurance can i click yes still?

Other answer:

You can check yes to any box you want, but you'd be lying since you don't have health insurance. Supplemental coverage isn't called "health insurance," because it's not health insurance. It's supplemental coverage. However, above answer is incorrect. You could have supplement coverages without primary coverage. The only exceptions are Medicare and Medicare Supplements (of course), and some supplemental policies (accident and hospital/surgeries) do tie to a deductible on health insurance, and pay off of those claims. But, that's not the norm. That's the exception.
No. When you file taxes, having only supplemental insurance would be the same as having no insurance. You cannot click yes. You must click no.
No. Supplemental insurance isn't "good enough" to keep from paying the Obamacare fine. Insurance that is "good enough" must provide free birth control, include maternity benefits and inpatient drug rehab services, and have unlimited benefits.
No, your supplemental policy is not in effect unless the regular policy is in force.
Generally no, if you mean something like Aflac or insurance for a very limited number of diseases.
"Supplemental" policies only pay AFTER the primary coverage. If you have no primary coverage, you can't have a "supplemental" policy.

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