I collect disability. I have mental illness. I want to move out of my parent s house and get my own place. But lots of landlords ask for?

Proof of income. How can I explain this to them in a way that doesnt show me in a bad light???

Other answer:

Who's asking you to explain it? No one. So get verification as of Jan, 2017 and when you apply for apartments, show it to the manager. Consider filing an application for Section 8 with HUD.

Since you aren't getting a retirement benefit they will know you get disability. They could care less what the reason is why you get disability.

All landlords require proof of income and no explanations have any bearing on it.
They all conduct a credit and a background check before an application can be
approved. A bank account is another requirement.
For proof of income you would be required to obtain a document from the agency that supply you with the disability.
Normally you would be issued an annual state of the amount you receive as disability income.

You could also produce your bank statement that would indicate the amount deposited to your account each month.

I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.


A lot of people with mental illness work for a living. If you get a job and work, your illness might be cured.
your income is your disability income, what is there to explain
if your income doesn't warrant renting you won't get the place, if you have to report your mental illness it is possible they will not want the liability that you might cause
You may be able to find an apartment with a discount. Do you have a social worker from the state that you could ask?
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Cathi K:
Show them your disability award letter.
save your cash and show twelve months worth of rent to your landlord's face.
Showing them your income doesn't mean you need to tell them your medical issues just any accommodations you require if any.

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