I didn t make enough to file taxes, but my friend said I could use my W2 and get back what social security and the government took. True?

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Cody Baldwin:
Your friend is an idiot. If you did NOT make enough, to file for taxes, then there is NOTHING else you can do.
Remember, Social Security and Medicare are NOT refundable…..only your state/federal taxes are.
Has anyone gotten their Michigan State Tax refund
your friend is absolutely clueless, the SS and Medicare withheld amounts are NOT refundable
amy lynn:
FALSE. The only money that will be refunded on a tax return is amounts in box 2 of the W-2. You can NOT get back social security on a tax refund.

There is no such thing as "I didn't make enough to file taxes". You CAN file taxes on ANY AMOUNT made even if it was only $1. If you have any amount listed in box 2 of your W-2 form, you SHOULD file taxes because if your income was below the filing requirement, then you would get the amount in box 2 as a refund.

You can file with your wages and you will get a refund of income taxes withheld. You may also qualify for Earned Income Credit.

The original rationale for the EIC was to reimburse low wage earners for their payroll tax (SS and Medicare), and your friend may be making that connection. However, your payroll tax is not refundable.

Partially true.

You made enough to be able to file; even $0 is enough to be able to file; everyone can file, even babies who don't make anything.

You can not get back what was taken for social security.

You can get back what was taken for income tax — if you file.

You cannot get back anything if you don't file.

Not true for social security or medicare, You can get back anything withheld for federal income tax – that's the number in box 2 on your W-2. You'd have to file to get that back. Depending on where you live, you might or might not get state income tax back.
You must file a tax return to get back the withheld tax but not the Social Security.
Friends are clueless uninformed uneducated about Reality of taxes.
Libraries got books on how to file taxes
Pascal the Gambler:
No. SS taxes not refundable. Income taxes would be, depending on total income, etc

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