I filed my tax return.i filed federal but not the state.turbo tax noified me both were accepted by the i.r.s. will i still got a return?

Other answer:

if you didn't file a state return you would have no acceptance notification, all you had was acceptance by IRS and that only means there was nothing preventing your filing, ie. wrong SSN, wrong b'date, wrong AGI from last year etc
if you are due a refund it will be sent to you if you chose direct deposit it will be in your bank watch for any changes to your bank account
The IRS has nothing to do with state returns, and the state returns go to the state, not the IRS, so reread the email you got and see what it REALLY says. If you didn't file your state, that won't affect your federal refund.
Beverly S:
You did something wrong… both can't be accepted if you didn't file…
Max Hoopla:
You won't got a return because you file a return and hope to never see it again.
Pascal the Gambler:
The IRS doesn't do state returns, os you read something wrong.
Your state return is not accepted by the IRS. There is a separate acceptance from the state. Better double check what you filed and what TT told you.
you must have done it wrong, or else it was a typo. call them to affirm this.
the irs does not accept your state tax returns. your fed return will be okay as reported.

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