I found carpet beetles on top of my bed for about a week now. Is it reasonable to ask to ask for a reduction in rent?

The owner has put bug spray and moth balls all over my room.

I live in Flushing, NY. I am paying $850 for a room and I am sharing the bathroom with the owner. I am going to ask to reduce the rent to $600. Is that reasonable?

Other answer:

No. Rent reduction is not proper recourse. You are entitled to appropriate fumigation. Moth balls would make me sick and are probably going to make you sick. They exude toxic chemicals – very unhealthy – to breathe and they also burn the eyes. They would burn my eyes. I would never have allowed them. Further, they are not going to do anything about the bug problem. They kill "moths" thus the name – moth balls. They prevent moths from eating wool. Your moron landlord is a complete moron. Since bug spray was used, perhaps, he used the wrong spray too – given that he is a complete moron. Call the Health Dept. and see if they can recommend something. Perhaps, they will come out and have a look and make a suggestion. If they do not, then you have a choice – move out citing a constructive move, treat the room yourself and deduct the cost from next month 's rent or tell him that if he does not treat the bugs appropriately, you will move out and sue him for your moving costs and exposing you to a room full of toxic fumes & chemicals. You should first demand that he remove all – every one of the moth balls, since you do not have moths. I don 't know where he put them but, you might want to clean after that to get rid of all of the powder & chemical residue.
You can ask, but he has no legal obligation to give you any reduction in rent.
Go ahead, my guess is that you'll be invited to give your notice if you aren't happy.

On a quick look $850 looks cheap which is why you are getting what you have.

Nope. If you try that, it would be grounds for eviction. You have to give him a chance to fix the problem, just keep bugging him.
if this is a bother to you and the remedies haven't work, find another room, surely one can be for for less than you pay now
Nope, the rent is the rent. Get a cheaper place.
only if you can prove the landlord caused the problem

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