I have a philippino partner who i wish to come to the uk for 2 weeks then return for his education, which visa is best?

Other answer:

What do you mean by "partner"?
Is this your fiance? Spouse? Business partner?

A tourist visa will have to be applied for as this is fot a holiday. The person involved must be able to show they have sufficient funds to support themselves, have an enduring attachment to the home country, have a return ticket and can be expected to return.

There is no best … there is the single and only visa for the purpose

It is their travel, their application for a tourist/general visitor visa (they are only visiting …)
and their ability to show they can personally afford to be in the UK and need to return.

(they) apply on line

and may have to attend an interview depending on the application

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They need to apply for a visitor visa in their own country at the British consulate
a student visa
Travel visa, if only two weeks.
And you don't know it's Filipino? You must be very close.

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