I have an small business loan with a bank Why would I be required to give them a profit and loss statement if I do not desire another loan?

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they can close you down if you aren't making money…
to see that you are viable for the loan
It is part of the banking regulations to make sure the bank is making loans that will get paid back. When the banking regulators come in to audit the bank's activities they look to make sure there is a recent P&L and balance sheet in the file for each commercial loan. It's part of the way they determine the fiscal health of the bank.
Peter The Piper Uk:
If they are anything like the UK banks, they are recently getting very 'windy' where small businesses are concerned. We have recently been asked to cut our overdraught in half after 25 years…!
Yours does seem a pathetically small amount, but they have obviously been looking at the day-to-day operation of your account and are seeking reassurance that you are good for the loan.
Casey Y:
They can demand and you can deny, then they call the loan.

They are attempting to determine whether or not you will actually pay off the loan.

because you are indebted to them and they want to have some assurance you can pay the loan back, they normally will ask for current updates to see that you are viable for the loan
DR + Mrs Bears face:
They want to check that the current loan is not at risk of non payment.
Why? They have a vested interest in knowing that your business is a going concern.
Wayne Z:
If it is a requirement of the terms of you loan, you would be considered in default of the loan if you do not.

Option 1) Show them the P & L

Option 2) Pay back the entire loan at once.

Possibly because banks provide credit agencies with this data, so that they can create risk assessments and credit ratings. Ask your bank why they want it.

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