I have been filing my taxes for years with the wrong social security no. WHAT DO I DO?

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Visit your nearest social security office (address at ssa.gov) and take your W2 forms with you – or if you are self-employed, your 1040s, Schedule C's and SEs for the inaccurate years – to make sure that your social security work record is accurate. After all, your social security benefit amount is based upon your earnings and what you've paid social security taxes under.

If social security's records are accurate then you have nothing to worry about – just make sure that you use your correct number in the future and that your employer has your correct number as well. And if the records are inaccurate, social security will correct their records as well as notify the IRS who will correct theirs. That might take a year – it isn't one of their priority workloads even though it is a priority to you. It will get done; just not as quickly as you want it to be. BTW, you can request your work record at ssa.gov.

If you don't have your social security card then get one – and use it. You can get a replacement card at ssa.gov. Do not carry your card around with you; it is an important document and should be kept at home in a safe place and used only when needed – and given that you don't seem to know your number I suggest that you actually USE that card any time you are required to give the number out – especially to employers and financial institutions. Memorize the #.

Social Security offices are open weekdays 9 to 4 except Wednesdays when they close at noon.

You have two issues, incorrect tax returns and incorrect SS payment records. Amend your returns that have the wrong number on them. If the only change to your return is the SS number, you won't owe anything.l Ask the SSA for a statement of earnings and correct the incorrect years.
Max Hoopla:
What do you mean here? IRS should reject your return if your name control (the first four letters of your name) doesn't match what Social Security has for your Social Security Number.
I want to know how you did that. You were issued a Social Security card. You gave your SS number to your employer. Why and how did you make this mistake?
Email or write to explain the mistake. If you have been declaring income and paying the correct amount of tax where appropriate they won't care.
you can amend them all with the correct number
since you will not be filing for a refund all amendments should be recognized
Pascal the Gambler:
Amend them with the correct one.

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