I just bought a jacket that is worth $11,000.00! I paid $100.00. What is the best way to sell it? Ebay or something else?

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Chris: "Worth" is what someone judges its price. If you got it for $100, it was worth $100 to the owner. Is it a designer jacket, USUALLY priced at $11K? If so, it DID NOT SELL for 11 grand… but it sold for $100. Is it nice? Do you like it? Wear it; because if it sold for one Ben Frank, the next guy may think it is only worth 50 bucks. TRY to find a fool to part with their money on Ebay or other online FREE advertising spots.
Is it a counterfeit designer garment? If so it is worth what someone will pay. LV bags go for $25-50, depending on what African country or which African is selling them. I met a Ghanan in Rome selling them for $27… I want to see a MK bag for $20. …and think of all the ladies at work with a $500 purse! …or is THEIRS fake, too??!?

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You just bought bullshît mostly likely so tell it to the next idiot. Hint: say it's worth $11,000.
It's worth 10% of what you pay for it. $10.00 at the most.
Kyle T:
the dude told you it was worth $11,000
you paid $100
it cost the chinese factory $1.10 to make
you got scammed
I highly doubt you bought an authentic item. I would get it appraised.

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