I just noticed on my hr block forms that it has kidnapped for one of my sons on line 6 of the EIC form. Why is this?

Other answer:

did you tell them that child didn't live with you because he was kidnapped, then that is the reason they entered it that way
you are only eligible up to three children for EIC, did you have more than that
Assuming he isn't, Block needs to file an amendment for you and correct it – they made a mistake. They shouldn't charge you for the amendment. If the child didn't live with you long enough to be eligible for EIC though, you'll probably owe some of your original refund back to the IRS.
Max Hoopla:
If you child is not missing because of being kidnapped somebody checked the wrong box.
Wayne Z:
Possibly, an error. I would go ask them.

"Kidnapped" literally means Kidnapped in every sense of the word. In other words, the child is supposed to live with you but doesn't because someone else took the child illegally.

Barry A:
Perhaps you should ask H&R Block, since they filled in the forms

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