I just started my own construction company how can i announce myself to get jobs?

I just recently started my small company i do house leveling driveways etc but i need to put my name out there to get more jobs i tried spreading out cards but dosent really work people just throw them away is there any good websites i can announce my business.

Other answer:

Use different marketing strategies consistently (flyers, free online postings, paid listings like Angie's List, etc). Do some Research instead of asking here. And to ALL Contractors: Include your credentials/license/insurance for Credibility & Verification if you want a chance to succeed.
Before you do any print advertising, learn sentences and punctuation. If I see a business advertisement with a misspelled word, an misused homophone, or lazy text type (4 instead of for, u instead of you, etc.; letter abbreviations in lieu of the actual phrase) I am not interested. That shows me they do not pay attention to detail.

Perhaps you researchers basic marketing strategies. Really, anybody who has been bombarded with advertising should be able to figure it out.

Join Angie's List, and ask your customers to post for you.
Your own website?

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