I left work during lunch because I didn t like what they had me doing and I just left. Am I fired?

Okay so I work in e.l.f odw logistics and I got mad because they put me in inventory and the work was too heavy for me and they didn t want to move me from there and so I left when lunch break came and I didn t go back. Is there a chance I could still go back? I regret leaving.

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Genius PC Girl:
Yes, you have been fired.

If you left your job during lunch, it is an automatic quit, and the employer won't consider taking you back unless they are truly desperate and unforgiving (they aren't). By now, you have already been replaced with someone else because jobs are not that plentiful anymore and really scarce.

It's a quick way to quit or get fired from a job. It's not the best way to quit a job either.
I knew some one that left her job during her lunch, she never went back to work when she was supposed to. Her employer called her and she said that she decided to quit.
You can try calling them and see if they will let you come back. Next time you get mad see if there's any thing you can do to fix it before you decide to walk out on a job. If you want to be in logistics then have a chat with your boss and see if there's any way that you can be put in that area.
If not then learn from this and move on, you don't always get what you want when it comes to jobs. Some times you have to work with what you get until you can move on. If they don't need any one for the job your applying for then they will put you in another department that needs extra people.
If you have to quit then at least inform your employer that you've decided to quit.
Probably. Make up some phoney medical condition and apologize profusely (that means a lot).
Most likely.
Abandoning your job is considered an automatic quit.,, and by now they have probably hires someone else to replace you
You can try but your job is likely over

< I regret leaving >

Too bad, they likely aren't going to be very sympathetic.

when you walked off like that they figured you quit
if you regret your action you need to discuss your chances with the employer, he might be lenient and then he might not
A chance if you apologize, but not a good chance
Hamoon A:
yes u would get fired and just quit
If not you should be

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