I loan money to a friend without collateral. He doesn t want to pay. What can I do about it?

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You will have to take him to small claims court. Then you're going to have to prove that the money changed hands, and that it was a loan, not a gift. If you don't have a signed agreement, take any texts or emails that you have discussing the loan, when he is supposed to pay you back, etc. You should text him and say, "I really don't want to do this, but if you don't pay back the loan, I am going to take you to court", and hopefully he says something incriminating.
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Did you get the loan in writing? If not, your collection chances are not good. However, if you do have evidence of the loan, go to small claims court. Call your local court system today before the holiday and get the forms to file suit.
If you have a written agreement on the loan, you can take him to small claims court to obtain a judgement. That of course does not mean you will be able to collect. Good Luck
depends how much it was

If it wasnt much then write it off (and you now have an ex-friend)

NEVER loan money to a "friend" cos its the best way to lose a friend

EIther you feel scammed if they dont repay
or they regard you as the bad guy for even wanting it back

if you didn't have some kind of agreement about his repaying the loan, more than likely nothing
you would have documented this loan from the outset and in the agreements specific details, ie. when he was to start repaying you
only when you have good basis can you prevail in small claims court
Take him to small claims court with evidence or witnesses that it was a loan.
Flatulent Tea Bag Face:
You need something in writing even when you lend money to a friend, if you don't have it then tuff.
Nothing you can do. You trusted the "friend" who has now betrayed that trust. Chalk it up to bad judgement on your part. It's an expensive way to learn your lesson.

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