I m 23 .I m a woman.Im in college.I ve never worked anywhere except my fathers business.What job should I seek for?How to start?I m hesitate?

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Elaine M: Look, you're very unprepared for the job market, sit down with your dad and discuss how you need to move forward. Look online for 'resume templates' and do up yours to the best of your ability. And practice job interviewing skills. You should have a councelor in school who can be asked questions like this as well.

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Elaine M:
Wouldn't it make sense to try for a job it the field in which you got your college degree? So what is you degree in? Of did you just go for an easy Marketing or Finance degree?
Keep working in your father's business.
The job position(s) you are qualified for. Prepare a resume. "Hesitate" and you'll not find work other than where you are
you will apply to jobs that you have skills for, if you need references, you can certainly get your father to give a reference for what you did for him
every one starts somewhere, maybe you will have to start below where you have been working for your dad but at least it is a begining
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seek the lord, if I said go be a farmer would you?…go with your gut///or ask friends what they think u would be good at…you have no self direction…when in doubt…join the military….they no where to put you

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