I m 28 yr old. my father called me and ask for my ss number. I explain why he need it and he said for insurance purposes. Should I?

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MalikS: Yes. I made my sisters beneficiaries of my life insurance policy and I was required to provide the insurance company with their social security #'s. When I die the insurance will be split 3 ways. The insurance company must provide a 1099 for each sister at the end of the year showing who they paid what to for income tax purposes.

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Your father is making you the beneficiary of his pension fund. If you want to get that money in the event that he passes, you provide him with the SSN number.

The funny thing about your note is your dad almost certainly already had your SSN. He needed it to file taxes when you were a child. He just didn't want to bother looking it up and though it was easier to ask you for it.

He doesn't need it for health insurance purposes because you're over the age limit to be covered under his policy. If he's naming you as beneficiary on a life insurance policy or other investment, he would need it.
He explain and said for pension fund
He asked you for your SS #. How did you explain to him why he needed it? You mean you asked him to explain why he needed it.
Casey Y:
Could be a variety of reasons…if you don't trust him, don't give it to him.
ask what insurance . if he is covering you on his health insurance, then it sounds ok. otherwise I would not give it
Yup. This is the time he's not trying to screw you over.

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