I make 1040$ every two weeks and I m looking for rent how much can I spend on rent?

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real estate guy: you earn 27,040 a year or 2250 a month. Based on this income, you really shouldn't spend more then 450 a month rent. Yes, the web says you can spend 1/3 of your income. But you have fixed expenses (food, electric, gas, etc) that eat up a greater % of income.

In addition, no matter what rent you pay you should be saving at LEAST 250 a month!

Other answer:

real estate guy:
If this is your take home pay you can spend about $700 on rent and utilities. Figure about 1/3 of your net income.
If you use the general rule of thumb of not more than 1/3 your monthly income then about $700. Personally I find that rule too general as there are many other factors to consider, but it's a starting point and one which apartments often use as well.
you'd want your rent to be (ideally) 1/3 of your monthly income. so by your statement, you make $2080 monthly. so you'd want your rent to be a little below $700. but keep in mind, all situations are different. many have car loans, student debt, etc they have to factor in also.
Alpha Beta:
I would not look for anything higher than $500.
depend on what other bills you have

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