I need a 300 dollar loan but I have no credit?

I need a small loan but I have no credit history, is there anywhere I actually can go for this? I am steadily employeed and need $200-$300. Any help?

Best Answer:

Polina: No credit doesnt mean you are not eligible for any loans. If you have a steady stream of income and you can prove you have the capacity to repay the loan then you can approach any bank and talk to their staff to understand your chances of securing a loan. Alternatively, you could take a secured loan. If all else fails, you could always contact P2P lenders although they do charge a higher rate of interest.

Other answer:

Pawn shop, car title loan, payday loan, loan from family or friends. That's about it.
Payday loan is your only option outside friends and family
Apply for credit card
I hate to say it but a payday loan is going to be about your only option. I don't suggest them because the interest is stupid high.
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Casey Y:
Credit card, friends and family.
ask your parents or friend

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