I need a grant to start my business?

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It is possible to start a small business with just cash on hand (I had $500) and never borrow money. I had a friend who had an auto repair business, lots of (rented) space and no customers. I rented a portion of his building for $300 a month and ran an ad for auto repair in a local paper. I was making money the first week. After 12 years in this business I switched to buying and selling cars. Even lower overhead (no employees), less work and more money. Think (that's IBM's moto). Work hard or work smart. I focused on supplying something people absolutely needed (no mass transit in rural west).
You should read the advice of people who tell you to make.get a business plan. Even if 'grant' money were available you would have to have a business plan that covers start up plus the following five consecutive years before you would get any consideration.
Elaine M:
Business start ups don't get grants.

Talk to your local SBA and SCORE offices as to what's available for funding.

I can understand you not giving business details, no one will give that away, but the sector and country will help at least establish where to begin looking for business grants.
Such as Accounting / Germany.
good luck with that
there are Small Business loans but they are NOT grants
if you are a non profit organization you might get grants from various sources during the year to operate your organization but other than that there are NO grants
It may be that you do and it may be that you do not. Since you will not disclose your business idea, I do suggest that you read books on business. Start with How to Create Fund and Start Your Own Business. Search it…some store has it.
It depends on your budget and resources. mostly startip have a budgeding problem. So I am recommending them affiliate business with amazon. You can trach amazon product ranking through Eglim amazon research tool.
Prepare a business plan and financial projections and then try bootstrapping finance methods.
Well you won't get one. If there were grants everyone would be applying.

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