I need a loan but I have no credit how can I get a fake credit report?

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Ummm… the loan company gets you credit report directly from the credit bureau. There is no way they can get a fake credit report.

I will be happy to type a fake credit report for you, if you would like. There is nothing very official looking on a credit report. It's just a piece of paper that you can type in word.

BTW, falsifying loan information is banking fraud which is a felony.

Have a nice day.

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Linda R:
It's IMPOSSIBLE to 'fake' a credit report because ALL financial institutions knows EXACTLY what one looks like.
Plus, whom ever you want to get your loan through……runs their own credit checks.
You can't, and even if you could, it would do you no good because wherever you go to try to get a loan will pull their own copy of your credit report.
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I think I just figured out why you have no credit.
Won't help. The lender checks your credit themselves.
Casey Y:
The lender will order directly, since they don't trust people…obviously, with good reason.

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