I need insurance now, which short term covers mental hospitlization?

Need to know because I need to go and I can't wait till the next f*cking enrollment period which is in like july or something

Other answer:

Short term health insurance, the kind you can buy right now, does not cover mental health benefits.

Regular health insurance does, but as you noticed, you cannot buy it outside of "Open Enrollment", which will happen in November (thank everyone who voted Democratic for that little law change). It will be effective in January.

Maybe you should talk to your pastor. They are trained in counseling, and they are free if you belong to that church.

Short Term Medical plans have very limited if any mental health coverage, and none in my area cover mental illness, nervous disorders, or mental health hospitals. Maybe one does in your area.

STM plans also do not cover pre-existing conditions, so even if there is a plan in your area that covers mental health hospitals you won't qualify for the coverage since you already have that condition.

You'll be paying for this yourself until you can get on a plan. Be aware that many group policies have very limited mental health coverage.

There is no short term insurance that covers anything that you began to need before you go the insurance. Short term insurance only covers things that you do not begin to need until after you get the insurance. To get coverage for anything that you already need, you have to get insurance that is NOT "short term".
Insurance Pickle.com:
None of them. Short-term or temporary health insurance doesn't cover pre-existing conditions. Open enrollment ended a few months ago and doesn't start again until November.
Casey Y:
To be clear, you want to buy insurance so someone else can pay your mental health bill…that's not how insurance works. Otherwise, everyone would simply wait until they got sick and buy a policy.
Open enrollment in Obamacare is November but if you have a special life event you can enroll any time. Read the health care law. They all offer mental health benefits.
If you think you might need hospitalization you won't get insurance.
Beverly S:
You can't get it till open enrollment.

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